What is the Level of Combat for the Household Guards Division of the British Army?

As a private unit of the British royal family, the Royal Guard maintains a special relationship with the Royal Family. They were the only guards left in the world dedicated to monarchs, who had kept their traditions, their costumes, their manners, and their style unchanged for hundreds of years. So what is the combat effectiveness of this army with its ancient cultural heritage in the British army? What level of combat is it?

We know that in the Royal Guard, the royal family is the head and honorary colonel of the Royal Guards. The current Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Guard is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip. The Queen and Prince Charles, who will succeed to the throne, and other members of the royal family regularly visit the guard forces, attend ceremonies and observances of the regiment and, like a family, spend time with the soldiers and their families. In addition, the British Army for historical reasons, the British Royal has not given the British Army Royal title, only the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force. And also nominally belonging to the British Army’s Guards. However, there is a royal title, which shows that it is closely related to the British royal family.

The Royal Guard not only served as a guard for British royal and British political dignitaries, but also participated in many British wars and played a decisive role in many major battles. So for most Britons, the Royal Guard is a symbol of Britain’s fine tradition and a symbol of Britain’s constitutional monarchy.

There are now 12, 000 Royal Guards, of whom 4000 are stationed in London to defend Buckingham Palace. Others were assigned to important locations, and for the three British Isles there were only more than 200, 000 troops, and one in 130000, one tenth of the army, was the Royal Guard. The usual guard of honor is less than 2000 cavalry infantry. In London, the most visible place to see the Royal Guard is in front of Buckingham Palace. Every day from 11:30 to 12:00, guards change guard ceremony.

The Royal Guard is an elite British unit with advanced weapons, strict discipline, and dedication to its duties. The first order of the Royal Guard is to carry out the king’s orders regardless of casualties. Usually, only the Royal Guard can be the first to equip itself with the latest combat equipment and weapons. Britain’s latest weapons will be equipped first with the Royal Guard and then with the others. The Royal Guard is the elite of the British Army.

The Royal Marines Division of the British Army now has five infantry regiments, two cavalry regiments and a reserve regiment. The Royal Guards are part of the British Army, divided into cavalry and infantry. There were about 1500 cavalries, divided into three regiments, namely, the King’s Guards, the King’s Blue Regiment, and the Royal Palace Cavalry, and the infantry were about 5000, divided into an infantry division and eight infantry battalions. In addition, there are four Royal Guard Regiments in the Royal Armored Tank Unit. The Guards will always be dressed in a scarlet tights jacket and a tall bear hat, which is the largest in the Royal Guard. Characteristic.

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