The Bearskin Hat of the Household Guards Division of the British Army

The Queen’s birthday is a big day every year, and the British army, navy and air force are going to parade their troops at the birthday celebration on June 17, 2016. 1400 Royal Guards and 400 combat horses were reviewed by the Queen at 30 degrees, and RAF bombers flew over Buckingham Palace to celebrate Queen’s birthday.

Household Guards Division of the British Army is an elite member of the British army and a private guard for the Queen. Soldiers are the best recruits from the British Army and the highest-paid equipment in the British Army. The Household Guards Division of the British Army soldiers who take part in the parade and guard are the face of the British army. They have strict requirements for height, appearance and so on, all of them are tall and tall, handsome and handsome. The first thing you think of when you see Household Guards Division of the British Army, is the tall black hat on the soldier’s head. This hat is called a bearskin hat. It is 30 cm tall and weighs more than 0.5kg. So what’s the special point of this costume?

Bearskin hats were worn mainly to commemorate the battle of Waterloo in the mid-18th century, when the Red Shrimp Army defeated Napoleon’s army and celebrate victory, licensed them to wear the bearskin cap. The hat was raised to make the soldiers look more intimidating. This tradition has been carried on for more than 200 years.

It usually takes two black bears to make such a hat, which costs about £1200. The UK will spend £3 million a year on about 50 bearskin hats until 2011, equivalent to 520000 yuan each.The bear-cap is durable and many of the soldiers will be handed down from generation to generation. In recent years, however, the Society for the Protection of Animals has called for the elimination of the cap of the bear, and in the face of a variety of pressures, Household Guards Division of the British Army has switched to artificial fur from 2011.

The red shrimp soldiers wear this tall bearskin hat all year round. In summer, soldiers describe it as if they were putting their heads in the oven. Almost every year there is news of the red shrimp soldier fainting. For decades, fainting at the ceremony has become a reserved show for Red Shrimp soldiers.

In order to preserve the dignity of the country and the royal family, the Red Shrimp soldiers tried their best to maintain their dignity, their uniforms were straight, and they could not have any creases. In order to have no trace of sweat, the Red Shrimp soldiers had to wear 10 layers of sweat absorption woolen sweaters inside their uniforms. The parade lasted about five hours, and it was not surprising that red shrimps in bearskin hats often fainted in June heat.

But Red Shrimp soldiers have a special rule, even if to faint, also can not randomly stagger down, especially the hand of the rifle must not be thrown away. True English warriors can hold their rifles straight down, even if they break their noses and break their teeth, and the Red Shrimp Army doesn’t care for her Majesty.

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